The first International Teqball Tournament on November 9th in Novi Sad

The first International Teqball Tournament will be held on November 9 at the Student Playground in Novi Sad. More than 30 teams are expected to participate, 15 of them international. Participants’ applications are ongoing and will last until November 4th. On this occasion, our guests in the studio of Delta radio were world champions in teqball Nikola Mitro and Bogdan Marojevic. These two guys brought the football to Novi Sad and Serbia, and now they have succeeded in starting the first tournament of its kind in our country.

In addition to organizing the tournament, Nikola and Bogdan are preparing for the next World Cup, which will be held from December 6-8 in Budapest. How popular is teqball in the world? How much have they contributed to the popularization of this sport in our country? What does the preparation for big competitions look like without adequate equipment? The answers to these questions are waiting for you in the video attached.

For the first time at the Serbian National Theater “Europa Ballet” with the performance “Wolfgang Amadeus”

For the first time, on November 8th, the “Serbian Ballet”, a ballet troupe from Austria, with the performance Wolfgang Amadeus, will perform at the Serbian National Theater. It is a ballet that talks about the life of a musical genius combining classical music, visual effects and modern ballet. According to Serbian National Theater manager Zoran Đeric, this form of cooperation is valuable to the Serbian National Theater, and therefore hopes that this cooperation will continue.

Serbian National Theater Ballet Director agrees that hosting this ballet troupe is very significant.   “Europa Ballet” Artistic Director Michael Fichtenbaum stated that the concept of this ballet troupe was based on connecting the ballet scene in Europe. The choreographer and director is Renato Canela, to whom is this the second project in Serbia

This unique ballet spectacle will be played on November 8 at the “Jovan Đorđevic” stage at 8 pm and tickets are on sale at the Serbian National Theater box office.

Reception of Delta Radio on 89,5 MHz from SERBIA in FINLAND???

So I was working as I would be every ordinary day in my office overlooking the city of Novi Sad when a strange e-mail pop-up caught my attention. An e-mail from FINLAND! Why would someone contact us from Finland, when our main radio broadcasting service covers only Vojvodina? 

I opened the e-mail and read a story about how a man called Jarmo Havukunnas is a lawyer and a hobbyist, and his hobby was listening to distant radio stations and claimed that he heard our radio station in Finland. Ok, I read the story and in the footer were two audio clips. I played them and WOW! It was our signal along with branding and commercial breaks! I was blown away.

Jarmo in front of his equipment

I printed the e-mail and took it to my CEO and he was also impressed. So we contacted Jarmo and thanked him for contacting us, we appreciated it. He replied that it was a very lucky day for him since he was able to identify our station and received a confirmation from us. He has a collection of over 3.000 letters/emails from AM and FM-stations all over the world.

Later I found out more about DX-ing and how hobbyists around the world are listening, even from afar.

First audio caption
Second audio caption
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